Now a Certified Green Path Builder

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Minnesota’s Green PathSM is an energy and green building program for the residential construction industry. Launched by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) in late 2011, MN Green Path provides builders with a realistic approach to building energy-efficient and sustainable homes.

The program offers two green certification levels (advanced and master), plus a base energy tested level which is on the way to becoming an industry standard.

One of the reasons for Green Path’s popularity is its exclusive Home Performance Report (HPR). The HPR is at the heart of MN Green Path, providing home buyers with test results from third- party, independent RESNET energy raters in an easy-to- understand and compare format, like a new vehicle’s MPG window sticker.

Minnesota’s Green Path, The Right Path for Minnesota Home Buyers…All of You.

Which one are you?

• It’s the environment, stupid. Building a new home for you will mean recycled materials, super-energy construction, built-in recycling bins, maybe even a gray water reservoir and definitely solar a panels.

• It’s all about the money. When you build you’ll be looking at the bottom line, today and into the future. Yes, there will be energy-saving construction to keep your future bills low, and you’ll calculate the return on investment for every single choice you make.

In all reality, most of us fall somewhere in between those two extremes. And that’s OK. The beauty of Minnesota’s Green Path is that it is for everyone, from passionate environmentalist to bean-counter extraordinaire. Green Path boasts “radical transparency,” so no matter what route you choose through the program, you’ll receive an easily-understood Home Performance Report (HPR) with details about the efforts you’ve made. And, we’re confident this will make your home even more valuable in years to come.

Meeting More Home Buyer’s Needs

It’s very clear from study after study that today’s home buyers want some level of improved energy efficiency, but still don’t want to pay too much for green features. Buyers today are also information starved. They want to know everything they can about a product before they buy it. MN’s Green Path succeeds in bringing these two realities together beautifully with a green-build program anchored on choice and on providing the missing data to help you make home buying decisions that are right for you.

When you buy a new home, you’ll spend a lot of time balancing your choices. You can compare prices between neighborhoods, home styles, size and number of rooms. Do you want a big neighborhood or a more intimate setting? Do you want the value of a two-story or the convenience of a rambler? Will you exchange extra square footage for more luxurious finishings?

But understanding the mechanical side of a new home isn’t quite so simple. Just how do you measure a home’s energy performance factors, its indoor environmental quality or its durability?

How a home performs is a combination of many factors, from construction materials and techniques, to equipment choices and R-values (the unit thermal resistance, generally in walls and ceilings). And that’s where Green Path’s Home Performance Report (HPR) and energy testing comes in. It removes the mystery of how well all of those variables work together, with a test score that can be compared with others.

Just like the MPG window sticker on a new car, the HPR helps you make better choices about your own family’s needs and wants. You and your builder choose the level of energy efficiency and green features appropriate to your needs and budget, and Minnesota’s Green Path ensures complete transparency — documenting the home’s HERS score and green features for all to see on the Green Path HPR.

The Three Levels of Minnesota’s Green Path

For those buyers who want more efficiency and environmental sensitivity in the construction of their new home, MN’s Green Path offers two green certification options. These levels require a higher level of energy and green choices.

Certification requirements include:

Advanced Certified: A new home with a HERS score of no more than 55 (the average Minnesota code-built home currently scores 80). The home must also earn 5 total points in Energy Efficiency, 5 points in Indoor Environmental Quality, 5 points in one of Water Conservation, Resource Management or Site/Development disciplines, and 5 points from any elective checklist.

Master Certified: A new home with a HERS score of no more than 50 (the average Minnesota code-built home currently scores 80). The home must also earn 10 total points in each of the five areas of green construction: Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Conservation, Resource Management and Site/ Development.

Advanced and Certified points are offered for use of green construction materials, techniques and products per the Green Path checklist, which you can find online at

Is Minnesota Facing a Affordable Housing Shortage?

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Is Minnesota Facing a Affordable Housing Shortage?

The Housing Affordability Institute recently released a study saying “up to 1/3 of a new home’s price in the Twin Cities comes from regulation and local policies.”

A majority of Minnesotans said that they felt the best way to improve the local housing market was to reduce fees and other expensive regulations put onto home buyers. “Minnesotans at all levels of the housing ecosystem are facing an affordability challenge,” said David Siegel, executive director of Housing First Minnesota. “As we enter the final weeks of the legislative session, we are hopeful that the legislature and Governor Walz will show they are serious about addressing this problem.”

In a new report released by the Housing Affordability Institute titled
Priced Out: The True Cost of Minnesota’s Broken Housing Market , Minnesotans statewide view a shortage of affordable home options.

  • 55% state that Minnesotans’ face a shortage of affordable housing
  • 28% state that Minnesota has the right amount of affordable housing
  • 5% state that Minnesota has too many affordable housing options

This same group also stated that:

  • 50% believe the best way to make Minnesota’s housing market more affordable is by reducing fees and costly regulations.
  • 34% believe the best way to make housing more affordable is by investing in energy efficiency…

But with this information, local home builders, such as SW Wold, are building thousands of homes to address the housing shortage.
While this plan carries a hefty price tag for the state, DFL Rep. Alice Hausman of St. Paul, chair of a new House housing panel, said there’s growing, bipartisan recognition among lawmakers of the need for more affordable housing.

2019 Parade of Homes Tour: Stop #190 Monticello

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March 2 – March 31, 2019

9202 Orchard Circle East

In the beautiful community of Autumn Ridge sits this one of a kind designed villa. Whether you’re ready for one level living or are in need of a basement with a walkout. This is one of our most flexible floorplans.

Our Monticello home showcases SW Wold’s open concept kitchen with it’s sleek and modern design. The white custom cabinets and stainless steel appliances compliment a warm and inviting atmosphere. The wide center island offers maximum space for food preparation or an optional seating area for family and friends. The spacious kitchen is open to the dining space and accompanied by a walk out deck.

Located next to the kitchen and dining space is the living room. This is a comfortable social area for you and your loved ones to gather. In addition to this cozy space, custom doors open up to a cozy den space.

SW Wold has also made each of this homes 2 Bathrooms with custom cabinets and spacious countertops. A dream bathroom with it’s dual vanity sink and walk-in master closet!

Each of this home’s two bedrooms is spacious with lots of natural lighting and ceiling fan. Main level laundry room and entry makes for easy living, and with 41 lots in this beautiful community available, the options are endless!

This Spring, Parade of Homes is featuring 4 of SW Wolds’ homes to showcase the creativity of our custom builders. As a family owned company, we pride ourselves on providing home buyers with affordable price and plan options to fit various lifestyles. We offer many of our models (including the ones featured in the Parade of Homes) on lots previously purchased by home buyers. We call this our “Build on Your Lot” program.

We look forward to your visit during this years’ Parade of Homes!

Spring Time 2019 Parade of Homes

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This Spring, SW Wold is proud to feature 4 beautiful custom homes in the 2019 Parade of Homes tour. This year’s event will debut March 2 through March 31 and will allow you to tour inside some of our most custom floor plans. See our impeccable craftsmanship at work all with the opportunity to keep you on the property you want. We call this our “Build on Your Lot” program.


Stop #190 on the parade highlights this beautiful villa. With homes starting at $270,000 and over 30 lots to choose from, you won’t want to miss walking through this association maintained gem!

Elk River 

Parade stop #230 features a spacious rambler at the Hillside Estates 11th . This new wooded development is home to this 5 bedroom stone front with wet bar and custom wine cellar. Claim your lot before it’s too late!


Stop #244 on the Parade of Homes located in the heart of the North metro, Andover. The Country Oaks North is the areas newest development featuring acreage and wooded property. This 2,700 sq home is a MUST SEE on this Springs tour!


SW Wold has constructed this spectacular split-entry home in Isanti Meadows, stop #283. Featuring a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, vaulted main level, this home fits your lifestyle. With many custom options and floor plans available, stop in and learn more today.

Whether your are looking for a move-in ready home or want to experience the benefits of a custom home on your own lot, this years’ parade is sure to get you excited about your future home purchase with SW Wold Construction.

Super Bowl and Trophy Winning Organization

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With the “Big Game” on the horizon and the new year in full swing there’s no time like the present to transition and reflect. Many of us made the ambitious resolution to get organized, reevaluate what sparks joy in our home, and what no longer serves us.

Creating a harmonized home can be overwhelming. SW Wold suggests, in order to avoid this stress making a plan can be a useful tool. Listing the locations in your home that require your attention and what your plan is can help you stay focused and spread out the project month by month.

Organization and maintenance aren’t unattainable goals, but they do require planning and time. Proper organization, when done right, can bring immediate relief to your life and bring a variety of benefits through the year.

To ensure a positive start, planning a “proper space or home” for miscellaneous items that accumulate is a priority. Planning these space eliminates the need for “junk” drawers and can be an easy sorting solution for families. These spaces should make sense based on it’s location and it’s purpose. When these locations are designated, SW Wold suggests items such as labels, bins or shelves  that can be a valuable tools.

Organization and decluttering goes hand-in-hand. Many people, post holiday go through a phase of sorting and clean up but many forget to clean out the unnecessary items that accumulate.

This is an important point to keep in mind when the end goal is to eliminate the clutter. Items such as old toys, broken or games missing pieces, old clothes are all items that can take up valuable storage space and hinder your organizational efforts.

SW Wold recommends when planning your custom home build, these tips are important to keep in mind. Spaces that mostly fall into the abyss of disarray include your kitchen, garage and toy rooms. Keep the amount of drawer spaces and closets you may need in these spaces in mind.

An organized space and new construction home built by SW Wold is a Super Bowl winning goal to keep striving for in 2019.

New vs. Used and Which Fits You

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There are many things to consider when deciding to purchase a home. One of them being to build or buy existing. Today, let’s talk about those factors to consider when making that life altering decision. 

Zillow housing trends reported in 2018 almost 38% of potential home buyers considered a new construction home, however only 11% actually purchased one. Why? Because on average a new construction home will have you paying a 20% premium above purchasing an already existing home. Well, case closed, right?

Hold on…

There are a few things every home browser needs to know when comparing the two options.

1.TOTAL Cost of Ownership

If the average existing home is 10-15 years old what are you looking at for repairs and replacements?

On average: Appliances $3,500 – $10,000, Carpet & Flooring  HVAC  $7,000, Roofing $9,000 – $12,000

This list continues and these aren’t items typically worked into a mortgage. So, when you analyze the typical items in a used home that will eventually need to be replaced (and unpredictably so) the price gap isn’t that substantial.

2. Quality Counts

The Energy efficiency of a new construction home far out ways that of an existing home. Things like appliances and electronics factor in, but more importantly are the heating and cooling of a home. When asked 77% of potential home buyers say that “knowing the projected utility cost of a home is important” and often a deciding factor. On average a homeowner with a new S W Wold construction home saves $1,000+ annually on utilities alone.

Energy saving contribute to the bottom line value of a new construction home, so on paper your existing home seems cheaper if you just focus on the house payment. In the long run, however, it’s about the total outgoing expenses that should catch your eye.

3. Service to Your Expectations

This seems to be the biggest reason most people choose to build versus purchase an existing home. S W Wold thinks, to live in the “dream home”, having a home fit you and your families lifestyle is why a majority of people prefer to build custom as opposed to a floor plan offered by just any builder. And you know what they say…

“Location, Location, Location”,

An overwhelming amount of home buyers say that they don’t care to live in a central city. While not all contractors will build on a lot you have purchased elsewhere, many new construction builders will build in more rural areas. Builders such as  S W Wold will build on land you have previously acquired but to build your home and to have it in a desirable location is often all that is needed to seal the deal when deciding new construction vs. existing. There is one more huge point home buyers don’t consider and is often the most beneficial aspect of building/buying new.

4. We’ve got you covered! 

The most beneficial yet, overlooked aspect of buying new is the warranty. S W Wold explains that every aspect of a new home is covered, from the structure to the appliances. Often, buyers think that a building inspection gives you the “coast is clear” green light for no problems. Consider however, that this is only addressing any major problems and not considering the ones that will arise later. The warranty of a new construction home is a slam dunk over the potential cost of repairs down the road.

We have covered many angles of purchasing an existing home vs a new construction, and hope we have given you key points to keep in mind as you make the decision for the future home that is the best fit for you and your family.

Best Time to Build a New Home- Springtime!

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Visit our Anna Model in Blaine

Springtime! yes, Spring has sprung, School is out and its time to get some shopping done before summer hits! We are all busy with our families and jobs and keeping up with our gadgets and social media. Lets put them all to use and start looking at Building a New Home.  When purchasing a new home with S W Wold Construction in the Springtime – you can be settled in by the time School starts in the fall, now that is a great deal!

We are busy here at S W Wold doing the final touch ups at this home that is scheduled to close in Late June!  So there is still time to make an appointment to visit this featured home in Blaine before it closes and you will see first hand the workmanship and quality S W Wold puts into its new homes in Blaine.  One of our newest and most popular floorplans “The Anna”  is featured here in the Parkside North 2nd Addition located near Lexington Ave and 122nd Ave.   Our Anna plan, is a 2 story home that has over 2100 sq ft finished and the option to finish the basement for additional sq ft.

At the address of 12305 Lever Street NE, Blaine.  you will find our Anna plan featuring 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.  The open floor plan gives the Kitchen, living room and Dining room a roomy feel to accommodate your  family and guests!  Our Kitchen features Alder Cabinets, Shaker doors, Granite countertops, Tile Backsplash, Slate Appliances, Island, and a great hutch for added storage.   We also have additional new homes available to preview in Andover, Blaine, Ham Lake, Isanti, and Oak Grove.

You can also go here for a full  Virtual Tour of this Anna Model or visit any of our New Homes by clicking here S W Wold Available Homes to see a list.

Celebrate Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is a time when we honor the memory of those who have lost their lives protecting this great country.  Please take time to reflect and have an enjoyable safe weekend!

Even if it is rainy outside, the homes of S W Wold Construction have open floor plans, so you can enjoy family and friends and keep festivities going indoors!   This featured home has a great open floor plan, beautiful granite and knotty alder cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and stone fireplace- our 2 story model we call the Hannah2.  One of our 4 bedroom floorplans which includes the large master suite with tile shower.   This home is located in Andover in our Country Oaks North Community located off of Hanson Blvd and 167th Ave.    Make an appointment to visit this home at 16642 Avocet St, in Andover or any of our other homes listed here at S W Wolds Available Homes page.  Or click  here  for a virtual tour of this home to see more details of each room of this house!

If you’re looking for some local Memorial Day Programs here is a list of a couple in our area:

  1. Anoka:   The Veterans Memorial at Forest Hills Cemetery.  10 AM
  2. Fort Snelling National Cemetery , 10 AM
  3. Maplewood, Forest Lawn Memorial Park 11 AM

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates!

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