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Don't Sweat in Summer Time

July 27, 2019

Summer is here and the temperatures are soaring, the rain is pounding, and the sun is blazing. It’s important that you take the time to maintain your home this summer and to prepare it for the extreme heat that you could be facing. Summer Home Maintenance:

Test Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors - With increasing temps monitoring your smoke detectors and detectors are a regular maintenance item to keep up with year round.

A/C Ready - Consider getting your air-conditioning system serviced. Change your filters and inspect for any damage. Proper air conditioner maintenance can help your AC last longer and prevent air conditioner fires

Dust the ceiling fan blades and  - Cleaning your fan blades can help improve the air quality and circulation in your home. This is important as the windows are kept closed during the warm temps. Check that the fan is balanced and working properly. Additionally,  consider changing the direction of your ceiling fans. If your fans spin counterclockwise, they’ll push the air straight down to your home will stay nice and cool.

Chimney Cleaned -  You might not use your fireplace again until fall or winter, but that’s exactly why this is the perfect time to call a chimney cleaning service. Timing is EVERYTHING!

Clean Drains - With winter fall behind us it's the perfect time to clean out all of the salt and grim tracked in from the snow.

Check your attic and basement -  Inspect your attic and basement, look for signs of dampness, mildew, leaks, holes in the roof, and pests. Notify your builder if problems are spotted, these areas may be covered under your homes warranty.

Clean the Vents - Clean out all of the dust and lint trapped in the vent and exhaust ducts. Call in a professional to clean and service your washer and dryer and HVAC system if needed. Clothes dryers, especially, can be a fire hazard if they’re not cleaned and maintained.

The Summer time is great for relaxing outdoors and enjoying the sun. Rest assured following our tips to a home ready for Summer will save you from sweating the small home worries.

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