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How to Build a Custom Home on Your Lot

February 13, 2021

There’s nothing more exciting than actually breaking ground on your custom home. Our craftsmanship shines through in the details, and with over 30 years of experience, more than 20,000 homes built, S W Wold Constructionis a certified Green Path builder. You can feel confident your house is in good hands.

Each custom home differs slightly in the homebuilding process due to location and inspections. Below you will find a general overview of what to expect in the journey.

Your Custom Homebuilder

Hiring an all-in-one custom homebuilder is the first and most important step to bringing your vision to reality. With years of homebuilding experience and ALL of our partners in-house, we are able to handle all of the different tasks that come with building on a private lot.  We at S W Wold pride ourselves with giving homeowners peace of mind knowing that every step of the building process will be taken care of by highly qualified professionals in the most timely and thorough manner possible.

Building Your New Home

Once you have decided on the perfect fit model for you and your family, our builders will get to work on land excavation and construction. Your construction manager will keep in constant communication with you at each step, as well as timeline updates. We know that unexpected things may come to light, but our team will work with you to solve any issues with as much ease as possible. 

Permits, Codes & Inspections: 

S W Wold acquires all the necessary permits  and construction can begin. Most building agencies require inspections at specific stages of construction. When ready, inspectors will be contacted at each point necessary untill the build process is complete.

Preparation & Excavation: 

There are a varsity of things necessary to prepair your building site. Things like trees to be cleared, soil to be brought in or removed, each site has unique characteristics.


The first significant item to each build is it's foundation. This provides the structural support for the entire home. During this stage, your Construction Manager will ensure accurate elevation of the foundation. This ensures proper drainage around the foundation of the home. Once the foundation is completed and inspected, it's then backfilled around the foundation.


Framing provides the outline and structure for the interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings and roof of the home. This is where your furture home starts to come to life!

Rough In

“Rough In” adding of supply and drain lines for plumbing, wiring for electrical outlets and switches, as well as ductwork for your heating and cooling. Soon after, we apply the installation. 

S W Wold is a certified Green Path builder in Minnesota, so we ensure the quality of the energy efficiency of each of our builds.


The exterior finishishes, include siding, soffits and gutters. To help pull the exterior style of your home together, various sections will be scheduled throughout other stages of construction.

This can also be where your lawn sod and sprinkler options are installed.

Painting and Final Touches:

During this phase, all the choices you made during your initial selections meeting will be put to work. We install all the interior woodwork including cabinetry and countertops. Your walls and trim will be prepped and painted with your previously selected colors.

After the painting is complete, the hard surface flooring and carpet will be installed, as well as lighting and plumbing fixtures. After the finishing touches are put in place our professional cleaners are called in to get your home spic and span!

The Final Walk Through

Once your home is nearing completion, you will meet with our team who will welcome you to your new home. We will discuss how to operate and care for the various different components of your new build as well as what to expectin the coming months as you settle into your new home.

Warranty Information

Every S W Wold home is backed by a Structural Warranty. For more information on your new build warranty please contact

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