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Super Bowl and Trophy Winning Organization

January 30, 2019

With the “Big Game” on the horizon and the new year in full swing there’s no time like the present to transition and reflect. Many of us made the ambitious resolution to get organized, reevaluate what sparks joy in our home, and what no longer serves us.

Creating a harmonized home can be overwhelming. SW Wold suggests, in order to avoid this stress making a plan can be a useful tool. Listing the locations in your home that require your attention and what your plan is can help you stay focused and spread out the project month by month.

Organization and maintenance aren’t unattainable goals, but they do require planning and time. Proper organization, when done right, can bring immediate relief to your life and bring a variety of benefits through the year.

To ensure a positive start, planning a “proper space or home” for miscellaneous items that accumulate is a priority. Planning these space eliminates the need for “junk” drawers and can be an easy sorting solution for families. These spaces should make sense based on it’s location and it’s purpose. When these locations are designated, SW Wold suggests items such as labels, bins or shelves  that can be a valuable tools.

Organization and decluttering goes hand-in-hand. Many people, post holiday go through a phase of sorting and clean up but many forget to clean out the unnecessary items that accumulate.

This is an important point to keep in mind when the end goal is to eliminate the clutter. Items such as old toys, broken or games missing pieces, old clothes are all items that can take up valuable storage space and hinder your organizational efforts.

SW Wold recommends when planning your custom home build, these tips are important to keep in mind. Spaces that mostly fall into the abyss of disarray include your kitchen, garage and toy rooms. Keep the amount of drawer spaces and closets you may need in these spaces in mind.

An organized space and new construction home built by SW Wold is a Super Bowl winning goal to keep striving for in 2019.

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