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Winter and Windows

November 11, 2019

Winterize Your Windows - Simple Tips

These basic and simple tips can prevent cold air from seeping through your windows and doors this Winter. 

Check Your Glass -  Check that all glass panes are in good condition. If you find any that are cracked or broken, replace the panes. Are your windows under warranty? This might be a cost saving tip in more way than one!

Add Extra Insulation - The addition of products such as spray foam insulation can stop air from sneaking in. If you opt for spray foam, look for the kind that’s made to be used with doors and windows. Batt insulation is also available for these areas but be careful to not over stuff the area, it works best when it’s gently inserted and “fluffy.” Window insulator kits are also available that do a great job of keeping out the drafts. It's a quick and affordable option.

Weather Stripping or Gaskets-  There are many types of weather stripping and gaskets for both doors and windows. Be sure to get the right product to fit your needs and protect your home from nasty cold drafts. Don't want to go through the hassle of instillation? There are also simple draft guards to purchase or even a rolled up towel or blankets can be slipped near doors and windows to stop the breeze.

Caulk -  Although caulk is inexpensive and a few tubes goes a long way, this does take a little skill.  For windows and doors (and even siding) a polyurethane caulk is best because it’s paintable, doesn’t shrink, it sticks better and doesn’t attract dust and dirt.

Cover Basement Window Wells -  If you have basement windows with wells, a great way to increase energy efficiency in your home is to cap those wells with covers. They will save you both energy and money by trapping in heat, preventing drafts and moisture. 

Use the Deadbolt - Short of buying all new doors and windows there are other simple FREE things to do that will increase your draft proof options. Using the deadbolt for example! Tightening your deadbolt pulls the door tight and strengthens the seal.

Seal Your Pet Door - Don’t forget to check your pet door for drafts. Consider replacing your old pet door with an all-weather variety that’s designed to let your pet in and out while maintaining a weather-tight seal when not in use.

As you prepare for the cold temperatures be sure to check with you home builder like SW Wold to have any warranty questions answered. Starting with these few tips you'll be well on your way to a warm and energy efficient winter.

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